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Depression is probably the most common mental illness, affecting many people either personally or because of depression in a member of the family. Depression can interfere with day to day life, and often causes problems at work and in relationships. Depression can seriously damage, or even destroy relationships and  the life of the depressed person.

What is Depression?

Depression is an illness that changes the way you feel and think. It affects your well being and your social behaviour. We all feel sad or down at one some point in our lives, but this is different to depression. At times we can feel tired because of working long hours, or down when presented with problems. This is different to depression. Such feelings usually pass within a short period - sometimes within days or perhaps within a few weeks. When these feelings continue and increase they can start to interfere with school, work and family relationships. This is when you may be spiralling into Depression.

Depression can affect anyone at any time. Once recognised, most people diagnosed with depression are successfully treated. Sadly, depression is often not recognised, because most symptoms of depression are similar to physical illnesses, such as changes in appetite and loss of sleep. Recognising depression is the first and biggest step towards treating it.

Treatment for Depression

Sadly, most depressed people do not get the appropriate treatment. Their illness is not diagnosed as depression. Social stigma causes people to avoid the treatment they need. Many symptoms are wrongly diagnosed as physical illnesses.  Symptoms are treated, rather than the underlying cause. This is very unfortunate because, with proper treatment, most people with depression can make a significant improvement to their health.

Counselling for Depression

Counselling can often help. Talking to someone else, in confidence, can provide some of the support that is needed. Whilst I have a special interest in Women's issues, having suffered from severe Post Natal depression myself, I have also had experience of counselling men and young people who have suffered from depression.

I have provided counselling services for a large public company and have an insight to issues in the workplace and employment matters.

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Counselling Guildford, Farnham, Woking, Godalming, Cranleigh and Haslemere, Surrey, including; Aldershot and Farnborough, Hampshire ~ A Professional Qualified and Caring Counsellor ~ Specialising in Anger Management, Stress, Employment/Work Related Difficulties, Abuse, Mental Health, Bereavement, Young People and Adolescence, Youth Issues, Post Natal Depression, Rape and Sexual Abuse, Depression, Teenagers, Bullying, Parenting and Special Educational Needs. Counsellor counselling in Guildford and Godalming Surrey. Counselling including common misspellings such as counseling, councelling, counceling, counselor, guilford and surey

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